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BTS Group becomes the reference investor of Link Group


5 mar 2022

ScaleUp Finances with its global partners

BTS Group (Business Telecommunications Services), a global leader in solutions for the telecommunications industry, completed the process of acquiring a significant stake in Grupo Link.

This process -which began in the second quarter of 2021- aims to contribute to Link’s growth, while integrating both groups’ digital transformation solution portfolios to continue offering innovative products and services.

According to Ricardo Olloqui, President and Co-Founder of BTS, “being Link’s reference investor is part of BTS Groups ́ vision of continuing to strengthen our corporate portfolio not only in terms of services, but more importantly in the acquisition of new and innovative human talent”.

In the same way, he stated that “both at a solutions and regional coverage level, BTS and Link are complementary. Thus, this decision will allow both companies to generate relevant growth in the coming years as a result of the corporate synergies we are building side by side”.

According to Giampaolo de Martiis, CEO of Grupo Link , “this decision is crucial for our internationalization process, especially in Spain and the United States where BTS has a significant presence.”

About BTS

With a very strong emphasis on technology and process automation, since its inception in 1993 BTS -Business Telecommunications Services- became, and is still considered, one of the technological leaders within its segment in the telecommunications sector.

BTS’ natural ability to adapt and evolve has allowed it to be not only a long-distance operator, but a technological ally for countless strategic partners throughout the years. BTS’ diverse portfolio of products, all self-developed and patented, include voice management, storage and inventory management, mass messaging management, and intelligent call center services, among others. Driven by such a multiproduct offering in 2017, one of Asia’s biggest investments firms considered BTS to become a key technology partner to establish S and BTS.

Today BTS Group has expanded globally with a number of affiliated companies, which offer highly specialized services and products in different fields and markets. In this sense, the acquisition of Grupo Link is a key example of BTS’ strategy of expansion and attention to corporate niches in various markets with the offer of new services and technologically driven products.

About Grupo Link

Grupo Link, founded in 1999, with headquarters in Ecuador and Colombia, has specialized for more than 20 years in the design and execution of digital transformation initiatives.

Its consulting services, project management and development teams add value to its clients not only in the telecommunications industry, but also in the public and multilateral sectors, as well as retail, mass consumption and construction, among others.

Grupo Link has offices in Bogotá, Guayaquil, Quito and Santo Domingo, and operation and experience in projects in the main countries of the region, along with the United States and Spain.

Some projects developed by Link have received relevant awards from the industry such as the Webby Awards, W3 Awards and BID Lab, among others.

It is important to emphasize that, regardless of this investment process, Grupo Link will maintain its name, brands, and company names, as well as its vision, mission, values, and corporate policies.

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